Welcome and thanks for finding me!

I am a teacher, inspired to create change in my own life by my special needs child. Through her I have learned so much about myself and the world around us, specifically because of the gift she and others like her are to the world.

Now I’m committed to sharing what I know and continue to learn – with you!

Some call me a transformation coach, an intuitive, a spiritual mentor.

I am simply a guide, sharing my gifts and illuminating the path for you to find your own way to a life of joy and expansion.


Latest Posts from Kathy’s Blog

Cancer – What’s in a Word?

My girl gets bumps all over the left side of her face. It’s one of the most obvious aspects of her physical condition. They come and go, ebb and flow with less regularity than the tide or…

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Your life is Your Feedback

I’ve often wondered whether the words said and countless actions I have taken have really landed with my girl. Did she hear me? Did she understand? With a special child, young woman really, there’s an

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Kindness. It’s my word for the day. Not just toward everyone else, but toward me, myself and I. It has been especially glorious in our lovely beachside town this week, and I chose to pull off the road

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The Door of Possibility

A few weeks back, I noticed my girl was trending in a direction we had travelled many times before. Trending toward quiet, trending toward stillness, trending toward apathy…this trend was pain.

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Filling My Tank

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m pooped. The holidays have just started and already I am overwhelmed by the to do list and tired from the expectations of what our culture has created as the norm.

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Confidently Hopeful

Good morning! And yes it is a good morning! The sun is shining on a brand new day here, made more special by being healthy. We’ve been traveling coast to coast and in the process,

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