About Kathy

Kathy and Family at the BeachAfter a 20 year career as a business owner, wife and mother of 2, Kathy and her husband had a very special child come into their world, a child who changed their world forever.

She closed her company to give full attention to this child with special needs, and what followed was an expansive journey of her own. Her own identity lost, Kathy was forced to look at who she really was while raising her daughter with a rare and unknown physical and developmental condition. From sickness to well being, from fear to belief, the road that was carved out for her taught her to trust herself and the power of the Universe.

Her daughter propelled change and shifts in perspective that Kathy never knew were possible, and it was and is those shifts that Kathy uses to guide herself, her family and those who are attracting her work.

The children of now are refusing to conform to past ways, and Kathy’s daughter is a shining example. Kathy began to look at all things alternative to support herself and her child in her never ending quest for personal growth.

As her mind opened to possibilities, her intuition blossomed. She went on to study various forms of energy healing, mediumship, meditation and the spiritual realm to nurture and understand that gift.

Kathy uses her gift of intuition and her vast life experience to support and illuminate herself and others. She is committed to walking the talk.

A devoted student of the Law of Attraction and other laws of the universe, Kathy meditates daily and focuses on living a life of joy.

Kathy teaches, writes and speaks about believing in possibility through the lens of being the mother of a special needs child, wife, businessperson and woman committed to her own transformation and growth. She believes in miracles and possibility and teaches that others can too.

Kathy serves clients internationally through private sessions and group events. She blogs regularly and is in the process of writing her first book.