Just when I begin to wonder if all that I say and do for my girl is really having any impact on her, she comes out with a big old confirmation that yes, she really is getting it.

This morning, Gran said Mary Katherine looks like she is getting taller. That’s a pretty typical thing for kids, especially in summer when they seem to grow like weeds from all the sun and relaxing and fun. For my girl, though, that’s still up for discussion. You see, with all of her bone issues, some of her growth plates have actually fused a wee bit earlier than most kids. In fact, we’re not really sure if she will get any taller or if she has maxed out at almost 4’6”.

But here’s what I’ve been telling her, and everyone who cares to hear it: anything is possible. I know it to my bones. And doctors don’t know everything. Listen to them, and then decide for yourself how it’s going to be.

So today after Gran’s observation, my girl flatly states “I am taller. Doctors don’t know everything. They said I wouldn’t get any bigger, but I am. They said our friend would never talk and now she’s talking.”

The measurements don’t lie and neither does she. Now measuring in at just over 4’6″, Miss Mary Katherine Milburn!

Anything is possible…