Attitude of gratitude – that’s what keeps me going. When I focus on what I want and appreciate what I already have, all manner of incredible, beautiful things, people and experiences come into my life. The gift of Pawsitive Teams is one of them.

This summer we are intensely training with Mary Katherine’s service dog, Atti. She will be coming to live with us in late August but before she does, there are hours of training, outings and tests that need to be done. After all, she’s a special dog and we need to get up to her speed!

All of this training, both the 2 1/2 years for Atti and the 5 month transition training for Mary Katherine, is done completely by volunteers at Pawsitive Teams. These are the kindest, most giving people I have ever met, and today I am filled with such immense appreciation for all they do for my girl and those like her, I am about to burst.

This is the thing about gratitude: we never really thought about getting a service dog for our girl. Atti found us. The joy, new experiences and independence she has brought are beyond measure.

My imagination wasn’t big enough to conceive of Atti and her multitude of blessings, but my feelings of gratitude were. I was aligned with things I love and the universe brought me more of the same.

That pretty much sums it up. Focus on happy and you get more happy:)