Good morning! And yes it is a good morning!

The sun is shining on a brand new day here, made more special by being healthy. We’ve been traveling coast to coast and in the process, my girl and I picked up some travel bugs. Under the weather and feeling crummy for almost 2 weeks (not so easy for this gal I tell you), everything looks a little sharper, the day a little brighter, each breath a little fuller now that well being has returned.

I took that sometimes frustrating downtime to shift my attitude. My friend observed that some sickness makes you emotional or down, while some expresses itself as just physical aches and pains. This was definitely a downer illness, and I found myself uncomfortably sweating out old beliefs that don’t work for me anymore.

Conscious of my Debbie Downer attitude, I made a choice to do something to lift my vibe. As I went to the pile of DVDs hoping to find something light and cheerful, there in the top was an old copy of The Secret. I hadn’t watched that for years…it felt like just the ticket I needed.

So snuggled in side by side on the couch with a drink for each of us and a box of tissues to share, my girl and I watched classic Law of Attraction teachers explain some wisdom of the universe. How much would she absorb, I wondered, then realized she would get what she would get from it. I would feel better, that I knew for sure.

We have always known, felt, believed that my girl would be healed, she most of all. It’s not something we often speak about. We just know.

So at the end of the movie, having heard stories of amazingness and the power of our thoughts, my girl quietly and confidently said, “It’s happening. What’s going on with my body…I know it’s coming.”

Yes, yes it is…And the sun shines bright.