Today I am focusing on the abundance I have: abundance of time, of support for my girl, of kindness extended, of top notch professionals and amazing volunteers. I could go on and on.

Yesterday was one of those days where my list of things to accomplish got pushed back by the needs of my girl. It was frustrating for me to try to get what I wanted to do completed in the midst of caregiving and support. As parents, we’ve all been there.

As I sit in the clarity of the morning, I feel the tension of that day, and am choosing instead to feel the relief of knowing I have everything I need and that it all works out perfectly – if I just allow it.

So what if my to do list didn’t get done yesterday? At the end of the day, I took my girl shopping for a few things for Atti, her service dog who will be moving in with us soon. The change of venue and the joy we both had at playing with doggie accessories was balm to our souls.

I have enough time. More than enough. And I know that everything is working out perfectly for us.