Holiday guidelines from a special needs girl to her mom:

Slow down ~ do less ~ be present.

My girl has a way of distilling it all down. Too much shopping makes her body hurt, and when her legs are in pain, she stops, just flat out shuts down. She simply can’t go anymore.

The same thing happens when she gets overwhelmed from too much busyness. She spins out of control, becoming more frustrated every minute. Her answer? Shut down. Withdraw from the situation. Go within.

What she really wants for the holidays is to make a wreath together (isn’t it pretty?)…watch a Christmas movie and drink some hot chocolate with me by her side…spend some time with a friend making a gingerbread house….play a game in front of the fire with carols in the background.

Just being and sharing the best gift of all ~ herself.

So cross off half of your to do list in the name of holiday sanity and listen to my girl: slow down, do less, and BE the present.