Sometimes I wonder what my girl is actually capable of. I maintain a vision of her being happy and healthy and joyful, and while I know in my soul that is possible, I also give what that looks like over to the Universe. Last night, though, I had some proof, some of those tangible moments that keep me going and reaffirm my faith.

My girl has been happy, really happy, light hearted and giggly, joking with her dad and me. And intellectually she is all there these least few days, even asking me last night about how health insurance works and who pays those bills.

Best if all is the affectionate side of my girl shining through. Usually it is reserved for me exclusively, but just take a look at this picture. She went up and gave her dad a big fat hug with energy that freely says “Dad, you’re the best!”

Is it the magic of summer, the relaxed schedule, is her body feeling strong and pain free? I don’t know the answers, and today I don’t care.

Keep it coming, girl. Keep it coming.