Have you ever noticed how good we are as humans at stopping ourselves from having the very things we desire?

Today I’m seeing that in myself, a message that’s coming through loud and clear.

It’s so much easier to do things the same old way, just living life with our old familiar patterns. It doesn’t take much thought or energy or focus But here’s what I’ve realized: I’m so bored.

I’m bored with what I’ve already lived, bored with repeating the same activities and routines. I’m especially bored with the same thoughts.

It takes a sense of boldness to step out of the ordinary, into the extraordinary. Sometimes I feel like it’s unattainable, not believable, too far out of reach for little old me.

But why not? Why not? Why can’t I live the live the life I desire?

The only thing stopping me is me.

Today I’m choosing to be bold and different. Today I’m choosing to let old beliefs go into the closet of tired things I no longer use. Today, I’m choosing interesting over boring, new ideas over old.

Sure I could do the same old, same old, stopping myself from doing more, becoming more. But when it gets down to it, what fun is that really?

So today, I’m moving forward on my book. The very rough draft is inside the box in this picture. I’m going to read some of it today, a scary and bold decision on my part. More to come on this journey later.

And I’m making the long put off call to the cable company, too, because sometimes being different is very practical.

But the book, that is my dream. My pie in the sky dream. And today it is one step closer.