Today we are saying thanks to some amazing students and standing in awe of the generous spirit of these powerful young women. They are creating dreams come true by raising money to place service dogs with loving partners.

At 14 and 15 years old, Tabitha and Morgan created Pawsitive Possibilities after being inspired by the benefits Tabitha received from her service dog, Sonny. You see, Tabitha has trouble walking and Sonny stabilizes her and enables her to walk independently. That inspiration led to their desire to help others.

When you have a condition where you would benefit from a service dog, chances are your dollars are being allocated to things like doctors and hospital bills, specialized equipment and the like. Enter these magical young women, and shazam! A service dog becomes a realistic opportunity.

For us, her name is Atti.

And so, with excitement and nervousness, these dynamos made a full on presentation, complete with logo, website, video and their first service dog placement, Mary Katherine and Atti.

Pawsitive Possibilities

Mary gave her thank you speech, Atti gave a little demo of how she helps Mary. Was it perfect? No. Was it exactly what everyone needed in the moment? Yes.

My heart twinged a bit as the stress of traveling, interrupted sleep, hormones and presenting to 250 students lined up into the perfect storm of confusion for my girl. But she spoke from her heart and those who were meant to hear her message heard it with a voice beyond words, the voice that touches the soul.

We have come to give thanks and that we have. We are forging new friendships that will last a lifetime. And tomorrow we get to speak again to the high school, each time getting better at telling our story and connecting with our hearts.

These two young women didn’t wait, didn’t hold back on creating their dream. They just did it.

And we are so grateful they did.

Pawsitive Possibilities