This morning was easy. After so many years of school mornings being a race to get out the door and a battle to motivate my girl, the contrast of a peaceful morning was pure relief.

Her new school, Fusion Academy, has a flexible schedule. Since mornings are tough for our girl, she starts later and what a huge difference that makes. Instead of pushing and forcing her like a wet noodle to get her moving, we took our time today. She had plenty of time to write a thank you note. She put away her clothes and organized her room which always makes her feel better, more at ease.

So it got me to thinking. Why do we take our kids with challenges being overstimulated and keep over stimulating them?

When our children are diagnosed with ADD or Aspergers or sensitivity issues or the like, perhaps they are telling us that their circuits are on overload. Their behavior says, “Back off!”

Instead, we add on testing and special classes and remediation and coping mechanisms when really all they may need is more space in their lives for things that feel good to them. Like organizing their things, or digging in the dirt.

Just sayin…