Something is stirring in my girl.

Yesterday she was very excited to tell me that she had a test coming up on money and that she would need real coins from her piggy bank to practice with. They were just sitting there, right?

This morning, there it was again, that excitement to practice money, and a new awareness that 5’s and 10’s were kind of the same.

My girl has been learning money for years and years and it, along but with math and time, have eluded her completely. She diligently tries to understand, to retain this stuff but it’s like water slipping through her fingers. It doesn’t stick.

I told her this morning that her brain was like a mansion, a castle even, that is so big, so vast that she has rooms and even wings she didn’t even know were there. It’s just time to explore some and see what’s going on in there.

Could this be the moment when the light turns on in that room of her beautiful brain? Could it be?

I’ve held the belief that one day, I don’t know when, things are just going to click for Mary Katherine. The light switch is going to go on and she will get it, the math, the money, the time. I know it to my core.

Maybe, just maybe, this is it.

To see her light up with an inner desire to know, not because someone told her to but because she wants to understand and learn is the difference I see. I can feel it. Something’s stirring in my girl.

I can’t wait to see what’s next.