“Mom, can we both take a deep breath?”

Years and years of teaching my girl about self soothing and her ability to change everything in the moment, in a brand new breath, just came to fruition.

Years and years of being met with vehement resistance, of her insistence that I solve the situation, that I fix it, just did an about face.

The parenting work does pay off. It does come back to you. They do learn. Trust the process. Just like planting a seed takes time for the sprout and eventually the fruit to bear, teaching our kids takes time.

Relax in the knowing that it is happening. Maybe it doesn’t look exactly like you think it should, but trust me, it is.

It’s time to take a breath. After almost 15 years, she is aware of her emotions, at least a little bit, and is stepping into owning them.

Yes, I’m breathing, and I’m reveling in the moment. This moment.