Why wait?

If there’s something my girl has taught me well, it is to do it now. What if there is no later? What if tomorrow’s circumstances stand in your way?

With a body that has been unpredictable, my girl has shown me that acting on an inspiration today, right now, is essential. We simply may not be able to do it tomorrow.

Case in point: the Angel Faces Retreat. Mary went last year to this amazing event for young women who have burns or facial disfigurement. Its inspiring founder, Lesia Cartelli, leads these girls through a powerful series that promotes healing and self confidence so that they may thrive in our society which can be overly focused on appearance.

The young women can attend 3 times before they are 18. Mary is 14 and has already been once. Should she go so soon and use up her opportunities so quickly? Could she benefit from it more as she gets older and faces different peer pressures and experiences? Or should she go now?

Past summers have been consumed with orthopedic surgeries, rendering her immobile for months at a time. Complete healing takes much longer. What to do? What is best for my girl?

She answered it herself. On Easter morning she awoke with a proclamation: “I want to go to Angel Faces. I had a dream, and I want to go.”

Of course. With a little nudge from the Universe, she is going.

Because after all, why wait?