I’ve often wondered whether the words said and countless actions I have taken have really landed with my girl. Did she hear me? Did she understand?

With a special child, young woman really, there’s an absence of feedback, that typical acknowledgement of understanding. ‘Yes, I understand’ are words I often long to hear, just to confirm that I’m doing this for a reason and not just for myself.

But there’s the clincher.

My girl is like so many in our lives who simply don’t respond when taking in information. Zero. Nada. And I realized that it doesn’t really matter.

I’ll never absolutely know if my actions, my words, my showing up as myself will have any impact on anyone in this world.

But I do know this: I impact me.

If for no other reason and the absolute best reason, I encourage and teach, model and behave like the best version of myself that I can, just for me, then I get the most wonderful benefit of feeling good about myself.

Still though, it’s nice to get feedback, and the other day I got just that.

My girl has been sitting with her grandmother as she recovers from knee surgery.

One day as her pain was intense, I heard Mary Katherine tell her Gran, “If you watch something happy or funny on TV it will help you feel better.”

Wow. Words from my own mouth…she IS listening and hearing and understanding.

I encourage each of you today to continue to say the words, take the actions, model the behavior. Do it for yourself because it feels right, then trust that those around you are getting exactly what they need.

One day you may find your child watching Reba reruns, giggling with her grandmother.